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Tired of comparing yourself to others? Learn 3 ways out!

Are you always comparing yourself to others? Here is the good news! If you’ve ever compared yourself to someone else… you are … NORMAL.
Keep reading and learn 3 ways to stop falling into comparison mode and reclaim your joy!

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

For many of us, comparing ourselves to others began when we were young.

We compared what our friends got for Christmas with what Santa brought us.

As we got older, we compared the good looks of our boyfriend or girlfriend with others’.

Comparing followed us into college, business and now into life. “He or she is smarter than I am, has a better job, bigger paycheck or more beautiful home than I do.”
Social media doesn’t make things any better.

Now we see what our friends are doing on a daily (or hourly) basis.

It gives us ammunition for comparing ourselves to others incessantly.

Does someone else’s news feed have a positive or negative effect on your state of mind?

This is called comparison mode. The more we compare ourselves to others, the worse it becomes.

Comparing yourself to others can make you:

  • Feel less than.
  • Feel intimidated by someone else.
  • Feel like you can never do (x,y or z) as well as someone else can.
  • Make you want to quit.
  • Give up your dream.

That is when I say – stop! Do not pass go, or collect $100!

3 Ways Out of Comparison Mode

Think of the 3 C’s:

  1. Be CONSCIOUS of the fact you’ve fallen into comparison mode. Awareness is the first step. If you find yourself looking at others and having your own pity party, recognize that it is happening. Admit that your feelings are coming up because you are comparing yourself to others.
  2. Try COMPARING yourself to YOURSELF (rather than to someone else). How have you made progress towards something? Remember, progress – not perfection! What did your business look like 6 months ago or 1 year ago? If your body image is the issue, have you been working on it? Then compare what you are doing now to what you were doing last month. It can be self-defeating to compare yourself to someone who is on a different path. Many times that person has weaknesses like anyone else but you don’t see them from the outside.
  3. CARRY ON. “Keep calm and carry on” is such a great phrase. I find that I use it quite a bit when something hits me and threatens to send me sideways. Carry on… keep working towards that goal that you set for yourself. Stop looking at others’ accomplishments (and social media) and get back on track to do the best you can do today.

There are a lot of incredible people in this world. The challenge is to allow them to inspire rather than threatened you.

If I compared myself to some of the amazing individuals who live in Jackson Hole I would never leave my house! Extreme athletes, well-educated 50-year old retirees, and successful entrepreneurs dominate our community. I am inspired by them, and frankly, I am intimidated as heck by some of them as well.

Today my goal is to work on the 3 C’s. I will be conscious of my feelings. Compare my success today with where I was in the past and I will carry on and do the best I can do right now.

Please comment below or share via social media if you want to start comparing less and being more joyful!

Carry On and Compare Less!