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Have you ever been stuck?

You know the feeling, not knowing where to turn next, not sure if you need to change direction or actually stay on the path you are on.

I write about how to avoid this. I speak about moving forward and taking risks, and yet, here I am, just a few short months after my book launched and became an #1 International Best-Seller, and I am STUCK.

Let’s get real.

The reason I am stuck is a FWP. First World Problem.

I am safe, I have a roof over my head and plenty of food on the table. I don’t have to walk miles to fetch water and then carry it home on my head. The fact is that I have a burning desire to help others, and I feel like I am not doing my job right now.

I feel like a slacker.
I also feel a bit like a 49 year-old computer loser.

I remember the computer lab when I was a freshman in high school in 1981. I never set foot in there. There were a few kids who did, but they were pretty much all dubbed nerds. Nobody understood what the big deal was with these things that just looked like small television sets.

Man how I wish now that I had bitten the bullet and become a computer nerd. Had I done so, maybe I wouldn’t have to resort to asking my friends’ children to help me create folders for my 25,000 photos on my MacBook Air now. These young people get to listen to me express my frustration about how my folders of photos from my old PC didn’t transfer and now they are all in one huge folder – or is it an app? But do my picture folders matter?

No, what really matters is that I learn how to post my musings onto a blog, because blogs matter… and sizzle-reels matter, and according to some people, hashtags matter. All of these things give me additional SEO (search engine optimization) and that will help me be found by Google…. so that I can HELP PEOPLE. That is my mission. To help inspire, encourage and lead others.

Just give me a microphone, a stage, and an audience of people who are ready to get UN-stuck, and I am happy… but please pay me. You see, all of this computer SEO stuff, and blog and sizzle-reel stuff makes me crazy, but it must be done, and it costs money to have someone else do it for me… because, remember, in 1981 I didn’t take the computer class for nerds. Dang it!

Now I wish I had, and that I could do all of this for myself, because my time is free, my thoughts are mine but I need to make money to call what I do a business.

So, you ask, how do we get un-stuck?

1.  START:  The real way to become unstuck is to start.  Start working on one small task, one portion of the larger goal.

2.  ASK for help.  In my case starting required sitting down with someone who knows computers better than I do. Someone who could show me how to use Word Press and help me with my social media strategy.  The tasks become smaller and not so daunting when I tackle them a little bit at a time. I start to feel less afraid of them.

I have found that moving towards something is much better than not moving at all.I think of riding a bicycle. When we are in motion, heading towards the goal, the pedals moving, even if they are moving slowly, we are in motion.

If we stop pedaling, the bike falls over.My bike fell over about a month ago. That is when I wrote the first version of this blog post. I began with my honest feelings about being stuck.

3.  KEEP MOVING:  Today I picked up the bicycle, had a strategy meeting and started pedaling again.  Ever. So. Slowly… but I am pedaling and I actually posted this to my WordPress blog all by myself! Soon I’ll be moving a little faster. At some point I’ll be riding the race of my life, but it had to start with picking up the bike and doing one small thing…

What are you waiting for? Is your bicycle in motion or are you still on the ground, wallowing in the fact that due to inaction, it fell over?

Well, I’m moving forward, and I’d like to have you move with me.  Hang on, we are about to hit the road… and it is going to be a wild ride!

Here’s to you becoming UN-STUCK!